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A Hearty welcome to Make My Hobby Blog, a simple and very powerful system to communicate directly with Hobby and with advanced knowledge to let our visitors from around the world experience and share the beautiful world of Hobby.

A hobby a day keeps the doldrums away.
- Phyllis McGinley

You can find blog posts on Live aquarium fishes, aquarium accessories, live plants, pond plants, pond fishes, treatment and medication of fishes, cats, dogs, small animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, rodents, etc., water treatment additives, water treatment accessories, dog food, cat food, rabbit food, bird food, Air Blower, Air Compressor, Air Pipe, Air Pump, Air Stone, Air Connector, Aeration Spares, Aquarium Set with Base, Aquarium Set, Aquariums, General Fish Food, Dry Shrimp Food, Blood Worms Fish Food, Tubifex Worms Fish Food, Fish Food Flakes, Head Enhancer Fish Food, Colour Enhancer Fish Food, Parrot Fish Feed, Koi Fish Feed, Arowana Fish Feed, Goldfish Feed, Cichlid Feed, Marine Fish Feed, Turtle Feed, Discuss Feed, Sinking Food, Food For Shrimp, Health Additives & Conditioners Like Algae Solutions, Ammonia & Chloramines Removers, Beneficial Bacteria, Freshwater Biological Additives, Saltwater Biological Additives, Calcium Supplements, Chlorine & Heavy Metal Removers, Live Plant Solutions, Plant Fertilizer, pH Conditioners, Water Clarifiers, Instant Oxygen with Medications & Vitamins such as Bacteria Treatments, Fungus Treatments, Ich Treatments, Parasite Treatments, General Treatment, Vitamins for fish, Marine Salt, many accessories under Filter & Skimmer category such as Filter Accessories, Internal Filter, Canister Filter, Filters with UV/O3, Hang-On Filter, Top Filter, Undergravel Filter, Sponge Filter, Filter Spares, Pond Filter, Filter Media, Marine Reactors. Customers can also choose from a wide range of Skimmer as well as UV-C Light Sets and UV-C Bulbs. With Powerheads ranging from Submersible, Pond & Fountain, Wave Makers and Wet & Dry Powerheads. With pond Fountain a must see. Heaters & Chillers help a lot with maintaining and regulating water temperature as per basic requirement. Water Maintenance a big issue in this industry, we have a wide range under Maintenance category ranging from Aquarium Repair goods, Syphon, General Maintenance, Magnetic Cleaners, Timers, Fish Nets, and Plant Maintenance. With not leaving out a major section in aquarium hobby; Testing Equipments prove to be a very important category with its range spread out to Thermometers, Multi-Test Kits in both Freshwater Kits and Saltwater Kits, Single-Test Kits ranging from Freshwater Kits to saltwater Kits, Digital/Analog Meters and Testing Accessories. Decoration category has seb categories as General Decoration, aquarium decorative Rocks, Drift Wood. Another category is Substrate which has Planting Soil, Gravel and Sand as sub categories.

When a habit begins to cost money, it's called a hobby.

3 Comment(s)

A Gogoi:
30/04/2017, 03:53:21 AM

I must say, the your Blog is a fantastic addition to an already outstanding website. Keep up the good work guys, it's amazing what you come up with for the aquarium community.

Asha Rai:
27/05/2017, 08:53:36 AM

Hi.. Loved your website. Congratulations on your 9th Anniversary!!!

Anukriti Das:
29/05/2017, 02:14:56 AM

Got live plants in time. Thank you guys. Will order again shortly.

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