Red Goldfish, Medium

Red Goldfish, Medium
Red Goldfish

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    • Brand: MMH
    • Product Code:
    • SKU: 16-03A-051
    • Availability: In Stock
    • 40.64
    • Ex Tax: 40.64
    This product has a minimum quantity of 2
    Scientific Name : Carassius auratusCommon Names and Types : Calico Veiltail, Comet, Black Moor, Bu..
    Ex Tax: 20.32
    Care Level: EasyTemperament: PeacefulMinimum Pond Size: 180 gallonsWater Conditions: 36-90° F, KH 2-..
    Ex Tax: 40.64
    The Black Moor Goldfish is one of the more rounded or egg-shaped fancy goldfish. This rounded shape ..
    Ex Tax: 186.29
    Scientific Name : Carassius auratusCommon Names and Types : Calico Veiltail, Comet, Black Moor, Bu..
    Ex Tax: 28.21
    Origin: South-east AsiaSize: 2.1/4" (6 cm)Diet: Prepared Foods and Live foodsTemperature: 24C - 28C ..
    Ex Tax: 152.42
    Classic fish bowl aquariumEasy to set up and maintain aquarium perfect for home or officeClassic fis..
    Ex Tax: 299.71
        Easy To Clean with Twin media Cartridges    Reliable & Latest ..
    Ex Tax: 1,150.71
    Optimum's Micro Pellet is specially formulated for Tetras, Guppy, Angelfish, Barbs, and other small-..
    Ex Tax: 73.39
    Natural substrate which filters and enhances plant growth.Supports the filter with its large coloniz..
    Ex Tax: 713.06
    All natural premium planting media for aquarium plantsBenefits:    Made of 100% pure ..
    Ex Tax: 1,411.86
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