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CO2 Accessories

CO2 Accessories

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EASY AQUA CO2 Double Check Valve

This double check valve prevents the back flow of water, protecting your equipment from water damage..

135.00 Ex Tax: 135.00

EASY AQUA Pro Tri-Pass CO2

The Easy Aqua Pro Tri-Pass is a useful 'splitter' should you have one CO2 regulator but wish to prov..

270.00 Ex Tax: 270.00

JBL Proflora Bio Refill, Bio CO2 Refill

Bio-components (A and B) for bio-CO₂ systems.Simply add complete refill to the reaction container an..

472.50 Ex Tax: 472.50

JBL ProFlora CO2 Count Safe

For anyone whose CO₂ reactor (diffuser) is concealed or who needs an extra bubble counter.Is simply ..

607.50 Ex Tax: 607.50

JBL ProFlora M001 CO2 Pressure Reducer / Regulator

Precision pressure reducer, regulates cylinder pressure from 60 to 1,5 bar. The correct bubble count..

8,093.25 Ex Tax: 8,093.25

JBL ProFlora Taifun M10 2 / CO2 Reactor

Dissolves CO₂ gas without loss to attain lush plant growth in tank water.Suitable for tanks from 30 ..

1,701.00 Ex Tax: 1,701.00

JBL ProFlora Taifun Reactor SM

Dissolves CO₂ gas without loss to attain lush plant growth in tank water.Suitable for tanks from 30 ..

978.75 Ex Tax: 978.75

Use to measure pH changes in marine aquariums, aquariums with African cichlids, and very alkaline ..
Ex Tax: 675.00
For the professional aquarist and for in-store testing of tap water and aquarium water. Sturdy, wate..
Ex Tax: 8,043.75
FRESHWATER MASTER TEST KITMeasures the most important aquarium levels quickly and accuratelyBenefits..
Ex Tax: 2,970.00
GH & KH TEST KITThis test kit includes everything you need to measure the general and carbonate ..
Ex Tax: 945.00
The JBL EasyTest 5 in 1 allows any fishkeeper the opportunity to test aquarium or pond water  q..
Ex Tax: 1,031.25
Natural substrate which filters and enhances plant growth.Supports the filter with its large coloniz..
Ex Tax: 1,350.00
Ready-to-use long-term nutrient substrate mixture for new aquariumsDoes not require mixing with grav..
Ex Tax: 1,215.00
The best plant base to create a total natural fertilized planted environment throughout. a breakthro..
Ex Tax: 432.00
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