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General Maintenance

General Maintenance

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BOYU AS-102 Aquarium Scraper

BOYU AS-102 18" Long Aquarium Scraper Fish Tank Cleaning Brush Yellow    Non slip gri..

101.25 Ex Tax: 101.25

BOYU AS-201 5 in 1 Multifunction Aquarium Cleaner

The telescopic handle, suitable for different kind of aquariumIntegrated design for multi-purpose us..

486.00 Ex Tax: 486.00

BOYU AT-007 Aquarium Tong

Length: 20 inchFeatures:1. Brand New.2. High Quality item with a long life.3. Ideal for removing det..

101.25 Ex Tax: 101.25

BOYU BJ-02 Glass Divider / Clamp, Small

BOYU BJ-02 is used for creating divisions in aquarium. It a good support for glass partition appli..

21.60 Ex Tax: 21.60

BOYU BK-02 Brush with Scraper Blade

This scraper with stainless steel blade is great for removing unwanted algae aquarium glass. You can..

168.75 Ex Tax: 168.75

JBL CLEANY, Hose cleaner

Double-ended hose brushSteel helix fitted with a brush at either end to clean hoses of 9 mm or 30 mm..

459.00 Ex Tax: 459.00

API Algae Scrapper Acrylic

ALGAE SCRAPER for ACRYLIC AQUARIUMSAn incredibly durable algae scraper for cleaning acrylic aquarium..

522.51 Ex Tax: 522.51

API Algae Scrapper Glass

ALGAE SCRAPER for GLASS AQUARIUMSAn incredibly durable algae scraper with a long handle for cleaning..

522.51 Ex Tax: 522.51


Fast-acting water clarifier for crystal clear water.Eliminates cloudy water caused by dirt, silt and..

268.13 Ex Tax: 268.13

BOYU AS-103 Aquarium Steel Scraper

Non slip griped handle improving cleaning action.Sponge pad on the one side, felt cleaning pad on th..

105.30 Ex Tax: 105.30

BOYU AT-005 Aquarium Tong, Blade only

Scissors to prune plants to be embedded in the plastic clamp BOYU AT-006 and AT-007..

74.25 Ex Tax: 74.25

BOYU AT-006 Aquarium Tong

Length: 27 inchFeatures:1. Brand New2. High Quality item with a long life.3. Ideal for removing detr..

94.50 Ex Tax: 94.50

Floating Type"OCEAN FREE" Fish Food is a floating pellet and will not cloud the water."OCEAN FREE" F..
Ex Tax: 67.50
Use to measure pH changes in marine aquariums, aquariums with African cichlids, and very alkaline ..
Ex Tax: 675.00
For the professional aquarist and for in-store testing of tap water and aquarium water. Sturdy, wate..
Ex Tax: 8,043.75
FRESHWATER MASTER TEST KITMeasures the most important aquarium levels quickly and accuratelyBenefits..
Ex Tax: 2,970.00
GH & KH TEST KITThis test kit includes everything you need to measure the general and carbonate ..
Ex Tax: 945.00
The JBL EasyTest 5 in 1 allows any fishkeeper the opportunity to test aquarium or pond water  q..
Ex Tax: 1,031.25
concainer bag for coarse filter materialEnables an easier removal of the filter material from the fi..
Ex Tax: 270.00
All natural premium planting media for aquarium plantsBenefits:    Made of 100% pure ..
Ex Tax: 762.75
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