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BOYU BF-108 Multifuntional Bio-Filter, 340L/Hr Internal Filter

Compact design Multifuntional internal Bio filter.This filter comes with a Water flow control.Bio fi..

1,300.32 1,196.30 Ex Tax: 1,196.30

BOYU DGN-410 Canister Filter

Auto Air Out and Auto Water Sucking, easy to useMultilevel Output Control, applied to different requ..

11,151.00 10,593.45 Ex Tax: 10,593.45


Water pump and filtering barrel fission designWater pump on the cylinder inside, easy to install and..

5,384.34 5,115.12 Ex Tax: 5,115.12

Alternanthera Dentata Ruby

Hardiness: ModerateLight Needs: MediumPlant Structure: StemFamily: AmaranthaceaeGenus: Alternanthera..

9.90 8.42 Ex Tax: 8.42

Alternanthera reineckii "Rosanervig"

Synonyms: Alternanthera sp.'Rosanervig', Alternanthera reineckii 'Red Ruby'Botanical name: &nbs..

19.80 16.83 Ex Tax: 16.83

Alternanthera reineckii 'Mini'

Scientific name: Alternanthera reineckiiCommon name: Alternanthera reineckii Mini, AR Mini, Alternan..

14.85 12.62 Ex Tax: 12.62

Alternanthera Reineckii, Lilacina

Alternanthera Reineckii Lilacina originates from South America. It requires medium to high lighting ..

4.95 4.21 Ex Tax: 4.21

Alternanthera Sessilis, Purple

Common names: Sessile Joyweed, Mukunu-Wenna, Purple MintMajor group (unranked): Seed plants: Floweri..

4.95 4.21 Ex Tax: 4.21

Ammania Gracilis

Hardiness: ModerateLight Needs: HighPlant Structure: StemFamily: LythraceaeGenus: AmmanniaRegion: Af..

12.37 10.52 Ex Tax: 10.52

Ammania Senegalensis

Common Name: Ammania senegalensis “red”Family: LythraceaeGenus: AmmanniaOrigins: East tropical Afric..

24.75 21.04 Ex Tax: 21.04

Ammania Sp. Bonsai

Common Name: Dwarf BonsaiProper Name: Ammania sp. 'Bonsai'Category: Stem PlantsTemperature: 20 - 28 ..

12.37 10.52 Ex Tax: 10.52