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    Operating Range:- +10% of rated Voltage    Audio Sound Output :- 95db to 100db    Available In:- 3 - 12V DC    Sound Tone :- Single Tone    Volume (Optional):- Volume Pot At Back Side Of The PLate (Optional)Salient Features&nb..
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This device connects to any 12VDC source in the same manner as commonly available buzzers and piezo sounders, yet allows you to program up to 30 seconds of any WAV or MP3 file via USB from your computer. With the flexibility of programming your own sounds, you are no longer required to listen to the..
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Product Name : Piezoelectric Buzzer;Model No. : HYT-3015B;Type : Intermittent Sound;Rated Voltage(Square Wave) : 12VWorking Voltage : DC 3-24V;Rated Current : 20mA;Min Sound Output at 10cm : 80dBResonant Frequency : 3100+/-500 Hz;Operating Temperature : -20-+80°C;Overall Size : 48 x 30 x 15mm / 1.9..
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Features    Product Name : Electronic Buzzer;Model No. : SFM-27;Sound-making Type : Continuous Sound;Rated Voltage : DC 3-24V    Rated Current : less than 12mA;Sound Pressure : more than 95dB;Operating Temperature : -20 to +45 Celsius    Body Diameter : 3..
Rs. 74.90
A miniature profile electromagnetic buzzer that is availble in 5V or 12V versions. The PCB mounting sounders feature a sealed construction making them suitable for washing and wave soldering manufacturing techniques.These miniature buzzers have PCB pins for direct board mounting and are suitable for..
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