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General Fish Food

Brand: MMH
Eggs Quantity: 250,000+Brine Shrimp Eggs (Artemia Cysts) are harvested from the Great Salt Lake in Utah, U.S.A. The eggs are washed, dried and packed. Before shipping, all lots of eggs are tested for hatchability. Newly hatched nauplii from these eggs provide one of nature's finest, nutritio..
Rs. 38.42
Brand: MMH
Eggs Quantity: 250,000+MMH Brine Shrimp Eggs/Artemia Cysts (Ready to Use) is a easy to use formula where you just need to open the packet and pour the contents in 500ml water and aerate it and from 12hrs you will start getting live Artemia to feed your fishes. Apart from Artemia Cysts, all o..
Rs. 64.03
Brand: MMH
Qty: 50 gm / 80 ml100% pure Spirulina guaranteed high carotenoid levels, micron sized powder. Micron sized powder can be used as larvae/fry food and for planktonic feeders such as Daphnia and Brine Shrimp. Our pure Spirulina comes from protected sources using only pure water with high minera..
Rs. 192.09
This Aquafin Micro Pellet Food is the starter food for all small size tropical fish and baby fish. It contains high protein needed for the small fish for the rapid growth. The micro size is suitable for the small tetra fish for better digestability and nutrition.Guranteed Analysis:Crude Protein Min...
Rs. 348.09
Breeding set for Artemia naupliiLive food home-grown in 24 hours.Complete cultivation equipment with stand, air pump and 1,8 m air hose.Harvesting container and Artemia sieve (0,15 mm mesh) also included.The container has been skilfully designed to allow the air from the air pump to be fed to furthe..
Rs. 5,000.39
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