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Acmella repens Acmella repens
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Brand: MMH
Family: Asteraceae Range and localities: North, Central and South America: southeastern USA (Texas to North Carolina) to ParaguayWidth: 4 - 5 cmAquarium suitability: yesUsage: Background, MidgroundDifficulty: mediumGrowth: mediumLight: medium to high Temperature tolerance: 18 to 30 °CNitrate (NO3-):..
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Nymphoides Hydrophylla 'Taiwan' Nymphoides Hydrophylla 'Taiwan'
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Brand: MMH
Type: Bulb/onion    Origin: Asia    Growth rate: High    Height: 15 - 30+        Light: medium to high Temperature tolerance: 15 to 32 °COptimum temperature: 20 to 28 °CCarbonate hardness: 0 to 21 °dKHpH value: 5 to 8 Carbon ..
Staurogyne sp. "Bihar" Staurogyne sp. "Bihar"
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Brand: MMH
Family: AcanthaceaeRange and localities: probably northeastern India (Bihar)Aquarium suitability: yesDifficulty: mediumGrowth: fastLight: medium to high Temperature tolerance: 20 to 30 °COptimum temperature: 22 to 28 °CCarbonate hardness: 0 to 12 °dKHpH value: 5 to 7.5 Carbon dioxide (CO2): 10 to 40..
Rs.41.93 Rs.33.55
Brand: MMH Model:
Synonyms: Vesicularia dubyana, Java MossHardiness: Very EasyLight Needs: LowPlant Structure: Moss / FernFamily: HypnaceaeGenus: TaxiphyllumRegion: AsiaLocation: Southeast AsiaSize: InfiniteGrowth Rate: SlowCan Be Grown Emersed: YesTaxiphyllum barbieri also known as 'Java Moss', is quite common in th..
Alternanthera reineckii "Rosanervig" Alternanthera reineckii "Rosanervig"
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Brand: MMH
Synonyms: Alternanthera sp.'Rosanervig', Alternanthera reineckii 'Red Ruby'Botanical name:    Alternanthéra reinéckii Briq.Family: AmaranthaceaeGenus: AlternantheraDifficulty: mediumUsage: Accent (red), Midground, Nano tanks, Foreground, groupAquascaping: very colourful plant for acce..
Rs.20.97 Rs.16.77
Alternanthera reineckii 'Mini' Alternanthera reineckii 'Mini'
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Brand: MMH
Scientific name: Alternanthera reineckiiCommon name: Alternanthera reineckii Mini, AR Mini, Alternanthera reineckii rosaefolia minorPlacement: Background or foregroundCare level: MediumPropagation: CuttingHeight: 5-10 cmWidth: 10-15 cmWater pH: 6.0-7.0Water hardness: 3-8 dGHTemperature: 63-820 FLigh..
Rs.15.72 Rs.12.58
Ammania Sp. Bonsai
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Brand: MMH Model:
Common Name: Dwarf BonsaiProper Name: Ammania sp. 'Bonsai'Category: Stem PlantsTemperature: 20 - 28 CPH: 6.0 - 7.5Lighting: MediumGrowth Rate: MediumDifficulty: MediumPosition in Aquascape: Mid-GroundAmmania sp. 'Bonsai' is quite similar looking to Bacopa Caroliniana, except it's slightly smalle..
Rs.15.12 Rs.12.10
Cabomba Piauhyensis Cabomba Piauhyensis
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Brand: MMH Model:
Hardiness: DifficultLight Needs: HighPlant Structure: StemFamily: CabombaceaeGenus: CabombaRegion: Central/South AmericaLocation: Central and South AmericaSize: Stem width: 5-8cm (2-3in)Growth Rate: FastCan Be Grown Emersed: NoTemperature tolerance: 20 to 35 °COptimum temperature: 24 to 30 °CCarbona..
Rs.2.62 Rs.2.10
Cabomba Red Belem Cabomba Red Belem
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Brand: MMH
Aquarium pH: 6.8 – 7.5. Some hobbyists suggest lower is also acceptable.Water Temperature: Tropical fish range, 72 – 82 degrees Fahrenheit.Lighting: Medium to HighTank Size: Small to LargeDifficulty: EasyIn Tank Position: Midground, BackgroundA Cabomba plant is becoming a popular freshwater aquarium..
Rs.41.93 Rs.33.55
Brand: MMH
Growth height:  2-4 cmOrigin country: IndiaType: FernFamily: HymenophyllaceaeSpecies: CrepidomanesGrowth speed: slowpH: 5 - 7Water hardness: 4 - 15 °dhA very special rarity, belonging to the diverse family of the Filmy Ferns. This tiny, moss-like fern was found in southwestern India on rocks al..
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