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Pond Fish

Brand: MMH
Make My Hobby now offers an alternative to the ever increasing high cost of standard commercial fish food. We grow our worms organically, without any exposure to chemicals. Makemyhobby makes them free of harmful contamination and ideal for all aquarium fish as a food supplement. What better way coul..
Brand: MMH
High protein Live fish Food for Cichlids, Arowana, and other aggressive fishesLive Arrival Guarantee not applicable on this product.Note: Tadpoles can be shipped by both Govt. Speed Post and Courier and can also be included with your fishes order which is sent by Train.NOTE: Package Size: 50+ pcs..
Brand: MMH
Care Level: Easy Temperament: PeacefulColor: Form BlackDiet: OmnivoreTemperature: 36-90° F, Water Hardness: KH 2-12, pH: 6.8-7.2Max. Size: 3 FeetOrigin: Bred in Japan, China, Far East, IndonesiaFamily: CyprinidaeMinimum Pond Size: 1000 gallonsBred in Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, and China, Black Koi ..
Brand: MMH
Koi Kin Kabuto, Japanese KoiApproximate Size sold: 6inch long..
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