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Fish Breeding

Brand: Boyu Model: FH-101
Fish HatcheryThe beautiful design, crystal clear hatchery. The floating hatchery also with suctions can make it easy to fitting.The watertight box can protect the young fish and spawning, also make them cannot be left out.Be suitable for aquarium both in fresh and sea water, incl..
Rs. 290.36
Brand: Boyu
BOYU NB-3202A Breeding Net Box Safely separates new born fish fry from mother and other fishes in the same aquarium or you can use BOYU NB-3202A Breeding Net Box for isolating injured or aggressive fish from the main aquarium.This new frame style design is very easy to remove and fit. BOYU NB-3202A ..
Rs. 285.74
Spawning cave for the freshwater aquariumCave made from neutral fired clay.Provides ideal privacy for egg-depositing cave breeder fish (long-whiskered cat fishes, purple cichlid etc.).A popular hiding place outside the breeding period.Art. no.:6150100EAN Code:4014162615015Ø:115 mmHeight:125 mmVolume..
Rs. 714.34
Spawning cone for discus/angelfishUnbreakable, made of neutral plastic.Easy to clean and disinfect.Preferred to other materials by discus.Art. no.:6136600EAN Code:4014162613660Ø:111 mmHeight:255 mmVolume packaging:2.300 lGross weight:398 gNet weight:397 gWeight factor:1000Size(l/h/w):111/255/111 mm..
Rs. 858.80
JBL Cocos Cava, Coconut Shell Caves 1/2L
Coconut shell cavesIdeal spawning and hiding place for fish.Terrarium animals readily adopt these natural caves as places to sleep or hide.Natural material without toxins.Suitable: Freshwater / Saltwater / Reptile / Turtles / Ponds / Invertebrates..
Rs. 314.33
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