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Brand: Boyu Model: BY-28
Budget-friendly aquarium water changer and gravel cleanerStreamline routine aquarium water changes and vacuumingClean gravel with easeFeatures:Innovative Auto Siphon Pump, Quick & Easy.On/off flow control valve.Intergrated gravel / fish strainer.6" Tubing included...
Rs. 491.11
Brand: Boyu
The Aquarium Gravel Cleaner and Syphon  was developed to make routine water changes and vacuuming gravel easy and efficient for any level aquarist.Auto-start push pump makes water siphoning easier than ever. Simply shake the vacuum up and down a few times while submerged in your aquarium and th..
Rs. 125.01
Self-priming and refills automatically – all-in-one setA water jet creates suction which draws the water out of the tank.It even siphones with a water jet pump when the tank is situated below the level of the sink!Ready for connection to most water taps with the two enclosed 28 x 1/22 x 1 & G3/4..
Rs. 5,712.42
Gravel cleaner for 45-70 cm water levelCleaning claw for variable adjustment of suction strength.Round diameter with „corners“ for easier cleaning of corners of aquarium and places which are difficult to reach.Suction valve dispenses with initial priming by mouth.Internal diameter 40 mm.Includes 2 m..
Rs. 1,907.29
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