Make My Hobby has brought a wide range of Decorative Rocks and Drift Wood.


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Rocks and Driftwood add a strong architectural element to aquariums. Aquascape your aquarium with these attractive decorations to increase visual depth and character. Choose from our selection of Rocks & Driftwood aquarium decorations which are durable, long-lasting natural materials to suit your aquarium preference.


For a beautiful freshwater aquarium display with a strong natural element, we recommend Mopani Driftwood. This exotic Drift Wood Root adds drama to aquarium landscapes with gorgeous two-toned coloration and striking shapes and textures.



Dense, natural driftwood becomes a natural focal point in any aquarium and also provides an excellent place to anchor live aquarium plants.

For rockey freshwater and saltwater landscape display with natural landscape, we recaommend Dragon Rock. The other beautiful Rock is the Sansibar Rock with its beautiful naturally occuring caves and cavities. But if you like a more dramatic landscape, Bamboo Rock will suite it the best. Moreover, Cloudy Rock gives more grey and white colour to the aquascape.