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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of Payment you accept?
We accept several payment options based on your location.
INDIA: Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT), IMPS, Debit Card (Visa/Mastercard), Credit Card.
INTERNATIONAL: Credit Card, Cheque, Cash by

Why is Live Help operators for?
- To guide on Checkout Process.
- To guide on appropriate payment and shipping modes.
- To provide any item attributes like size/colour etc., if data is available.
- To provide live guidance if opted for any paid services of MMH.
- To provide guidance for any Order cancellation/modification if possible during that hour.
- To provide guidance for any account view/modification but only before 5 pm IST from Monday to Friday excluding regional holidays.

Im not able to connect your Live Help Operators, what should I do?
There are few common reasons like slow internet speed or Java Script or Acrive X is disabled.
What you can do:
1] Make sure following is enabled in your browser i.e. Java Script & Acrive X
2] Your internet speed is atleast 80kpbs
3] Switch browser, if you are not able to connect using Firefox browser then use Internet Explorer or any other you have.
4] Close all browser windows and reopen then try again.
5] Clear browser cash and cookies.
a]For Internet Explorer: Go to Tools – Internet options or click on gear icon on the right (depends on which version you are using). Then under Browsing history… click on Delete button. Be sure to check Cookies and Temporary Internet Files. Then click Delete button and after files are being deleted click on Ok button to close options. Then try again.
b]For Google Chrome: Click that Tool icon in the upper right corner and choose options. On the left (in that blue section) click on Under the Hood and then click on Clear Browsing Data button. You can select period (say the last 4 weeks) and check Empty the cache and Delete cookies option. Then click Clear browser data and close options tab. Try again.
c]For Firefox: Go to Tools and select Clear recent history. You can select period in a drop down menu and check Cookies and Cache. Then, click on Clear button. Try again.
6] Restart system.
If all fail then drop an email using Contact US form with your problem, but do not forget to mention your browser name and version.

Im not receiving any SMS updates from MMH, why?
Your mobile number must be registered in DND (Do Not Call Registry), if you removed from it then you can receive our SMS.

What is the difference between Free and Paid Freshwater Fishes Shipping?
Free shipping is low priority shipping method and it is valid for order value of Rs.1000 or above of fishes. It will be shipped as per company convenience when we have surplus shipping space available after covering regular paid shipping consignments.

If I pay by Credit/Debit Card on your site, will it be safe?
Absolutely 100%. We use highly secure 128bit encrypted secure third-party internationally trusted Third-Party service to process your card. Details of your card will be never given to us, only the payment will transfer to us. It may takes up to 24hrs to clear payment to our accounts due to card frauds screening as stated on website. If order status not changed after 24hrs please get back to us.

Which payment method is beneficial for me?
For All items excluding Fishes and Small Animals we accept Credit Card / Debit Card / Net Banking.
For Fishes and Small Animals we accept only following payment modes. NEFT / IMPS / Bank Draft / Cheque.

What is NEFT aka Electronic Transfer payment option on Make My Hobby?
Its payment transfer method managed by Reserve Bank of India, RBI between two banks within same or different city. You need to have access to your Internet Banking account to transfer using EFT facility or you can also visit to nearest branch of your bank and execute the transfer from there.

It can take 1 to 3 days to reflect your funds in our bank account once you initiated transfer. EFT is a Safe, Fast and Hassle less money sending method when compared to payment by Bank Draft.

How long it takes to transfer NEFT / Net Banking payment? And when it will reflect in my MMH account.
NEFT is not transferred in real time unlike RTGS even though it’s debited instantly from sender’s account. Every bank has its own priority mechanism in place, so it takes same day transfer to next working day transfer. On weekends most banks queue up the transactions and clear on Monday, even though Saturday is working day. Occasionally due to any glitch in transfer mechanism, it takes up to 3 working days.

Can I use my father’s or friend’s Credit Card as I don’t have one?
Yes you can, but you need to take prior approval from us, by informing all the facts about your case or your order will be hold up.

In the interest of our Customers, we have a policy to see the following for possible Credit Card frauds in online transactions.

1] Billing Name is different than Account Name.
2] Billing Address is different than Shipping Address.
3] Caution notice issued by PayPal on any particular transaction.

We may ask you to prove the genuinity of your Credit Card or relation with the Card Holder or the approval of the Card Holder for transaction on Make My Hobby.

Note: It is always advisable to use Bank Draft facility or Bank Transfer facility if you are from India, if you do not have Credit Card or Debit Card.

What should I do if my order is on Hold because I have used someone else’s Credit Card?
You Order and Payment is hold most likely because you used someone else’s Credit Card without taking our prior approval.

Under this situation please immediately visit our site and use Live Help service (located on right side) to talk to our customer support team with all facts in hand. In case Live Help is not online or the operator is not available, please send us an email using Contact Us form on the site with all the facts of the case.

Due to growing cases of online Credit Card frauds, we have zero tolerance policy. In case you have not contacted us within 3 days from the day your order or payment is hold, we will inform Government Authority for possible Credit Card fraud.

You paid but your order still showing pending status. Confused?
We get several payments every month without adequate instructions or even identity of the person sending the payment. As a result we are unable to take appropriate action on these, till we get a complaint – if at all.

At MMH we want you to have happy shopping experience but we are helpless in this matter. So please contact us if your Order Status not updated on following payment methods:
By IMPS: 1 working day
By NEFT / Net Banking: 3 working days
By Credit Card / Debit Card / Net Banking: 1 working day
By Bank Draft: 15 working days
By Cheque: 15 working days

How to cancel my order?
Your cancellation request should reach us in working days from Monday to Friday between 10 to 5pm with your order number.

If you paid by Credit/Debit Card/Net Banking and your Order Status is "Payment Under Verification" under 24hr of payment you can request for cancellation thereafter if Order Status is "Processing" we charge 10% restocking fee. If item is shipped or Order Status is "Processed", we can not cancel the order.

If you paid by NEFT/IMPS/Bank Draft/Cheque, and your Order Status is "Pending" under 3 days you can request for cancellation thereafter if Order Status is "Processing" we charge 10% restocking fee. If item is shipped or Order Status is "Processed", we can not cancel the order. Refund back is only done by Bank Draft and we will deduct Rs.100 towards postal and Draft making charges.

Are you manufacturer or reseller?
We are both, certain product we manufacture under the brand name Make My Hobby or MMH.

Do you provide wholesale prices?
Yes, if you are opening new store or have existing store, contact us, we will supply you many items in wholesale prices even for small numbers.

Do you accept COD (Cash on Delivery) orders?

Why don't you provide free shipping?
There is no such thing as free shipping, every company need to spend money on packing and shipping. Those companies that claim free shipping for even single item orders, actually increase the product price to cover shipping charges. In the end customer pays more if you add multiple items under free shipping. So MMH reduce the product price for benefit of customers and charge shipping as per product weight.

What shipping option is recommended for fragile items?
MMH may charge extra for packing and shipping fragile items due to different packing requirement based on item, shipping method and destination.
Aquariums/Fishbowls: Shipping by train.
Lamps/light sets upto 36": By courier and for more than 36" by Train.

What shipping options are available for Live Aquatic Plants?
Priority Courier. With detailed traceable and fairly delivers from second to third day.

I ordered Live Plants and some of them are dead when I receive. What should I do?
Take clear digital image of unopened both healthy and dead plant packets and contact us, we will be happy to replace dead plants as given in company terms. The condition is you should inform us same day to get replacement and your original ordered plants shipping method should be Courier.

How you ship Live Fishes / Small Animals to us?
We will ship Live Fishes or Small Animals by different mode of transportation based on your location and total value of consignment. The different modes of transport are Flight, Train, Bus for now, shipping charges will charged extra and customer need to to pick consignment from station or airport. For further details or any specific requirement chat with customer support Live Help service. Drop us an email for any particular solution.

I ordered Fishes and some of them are dead when I receive. What should I do?
Take clear digital image of unopened both healthy and dead fish packets and contact us, we will be happy to replace dead fishes as given in company terms.

For which city you cover Door Delivery if shipment is by Train?
For Mumbai main city, Kolkata main city, Hyderabad and Secunderabad. Extra charges will be applicable based on location and items to be shipped and subject to availability of local transport space and advance intimation by customer before placing the order. And customer specifically needs to mention in Comments section during placing order for door delivery.

Do you provide special discounts for Educational Institutions?
Yes, contact us with your requirement.

I saw same product on other website what you have and their price is lower than Make My Hobby price, why?
There are several factors involve for a product pricing. Like heavy import duty we have to pay for each product we import as well as international shipping cost also is very high, goes as high as $65/kg and weak Rupee value against Dollar and Euro.

Do you sell imported products?
Yes, many items in catalog are imported. Once order is executed, consignment will be shipped to customer directly from overseas manufacturers/dealers/warehouse or from local MMH warehouse. Items are cleared of custom duties before being shipped to Indian customer to makes sure customer need not pay any international duties associated with item.

What imported items you sell on your website?
Items like Peltier, LED bar lights, Development Boards, Interface Boards, Remote Control, Relay Boards, Servos etc. You can always ask before placing order to know is the item imported or Indian made.

Where you are located?
Hyderabad, INDIA.

Can I personally come to store for picking up any item?
No, everything what we sell online can be sent to you by post / courier / train / flight.

Do you have any lead time to execute orders?
Yes, if it’s live items then it will be 7 to 15 working days as quarantine period to make them suitable for shipment (3-6 weeks for plants, invertebrates & marine items). If the item needed to be imported from other country then it can be around 20+ working days. In general for non-live and non-imported items we ship within 12 working days.

What is SKU?
SKU is a tracking code on Make My Hobby site for every product. If you need to ask about any product, you must give us correct SKU to identify it as many products have same name but different in nature.

I’m not able to navigate or find products on your website, what should I do?
Please use our Live Help service. Our trained and professional operators will always happy to assist you. Or you can always just drop an email using our Contact Us form.

I want some hobby item but it’s not available on your site, what should I do?
You can drop us an email by Contact Us form, if we do not have something we will try our level best to acquire it from some other place for you on your special order.

I sent message to you using Contact Us form, but I haven’t got any reply from you so far, why?
We reply to any emails within 3 working days, first check in Spam Folder of your mail box. However its most possible that you have given the mistakenly wrong email address. Or you sent email to no-reply email address, which will be deleted. Or you sent one or two word message, without any explanation what you need actually. So double check what you typed before sending us any message.

For example:
Wrong email Id: is different from (some have email in but they by mistake type .com)
One word message: tools kits (what does that mean, we cant understand what you need.)

What are your working hours and days?
We function from 10:00 am to 5 pm IST from Monday to Friday. We do not function on Saturday, Sunday and all National and State holidays. However our Live Help is available longer than that to assist you on daily basis mostly including holidays..