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Brand: ARNOX
These are hand made rocks best for Marine and Cichlid aquarium decorations. These don't leach into aquarium water and do not disturb water parameters in any way.Size: 800gm to 1kg per rock..
Rs. 171.81
Brand: ADA - Hong Kong Model:
Aquascaping Stone which is also known as Dragon Stone is a very rare and unique stone with an irregular surface and a brownish, greyish and yellow tone. It is best used to create aquascape with low growing plants -Glossostigma, HC and Eleocharis, etc  The Dr..
Rs. 170.35
Brand: Ocean Free
Light weight stones.  These give a floating mountain look to aquariums. These can be attached to aquatic plants to give a new and different look to classical planted aquariums.Size: 500gm to 800gms each stone..
Rs. 518.70
The Sansibar Rock, also called Perforated Stone, is very suitable for designing your own arrangements for your favorite Aquascape. Let your imagination run free and set new accents in your living space.Tip: Wash and clean this stone before placing in the aquarium setup.Also suitable for your aquariu..
Rs. 177.45
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