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Freshwater Biological Additives

Brand: API (USA) Model:
Proprietary blend of humic acids, tannins and other beneficial organics. Developed to create ideal conditions for South American cichlids, such as discuss, angelfish, rams, oscars, flag cichlid and severum, it can also be used to improve coloration in fish that live in low pH (acidic) water conditio..
Contains natural derived trace minerals, including copper, zinc, manganese, iron, selenium, molybdenum and iodide and provides the trace minerals found in African rift lakes waters (lake Tanganyika, lake Malawi, lake Victoria), accurately imitating the lakes' chemical profile to ensure the best cich..
Splendid Betta Complete Water Conditioner. Instantly makes tap water safe for Bettas. Plus, contains the proven healing power of Aloe Vera to help stimulate their natural protective slime coating, and repair fins and tissue damaged from handling and disease...
Brand: JBL Model:
JBL AccliPond - Make My HobbyWater conditioner to activate resistance to disease in pond waterPond environment ideally suited to the requirements of the fish: water conditioner to activate the resistance and to promote the fish’s healthSimple to use: calculate the required quantity, mix it ..
Brand: JBL Model:
Water conditioning minerals for aquariums containing Malawi/Tanganyika cichlidsProduces sea-like hardness with the KH higher than the GH due to sodium carbonates.Fish exhibit prettier colours and a higher hatching rate among juvenile fish.Lake values: Lake Malawi: GH 5°, KH 7°, Tanganyika: GH 10°, K..
Brand: JBL Model:
Minerals to stablise the pHSpecies-appropriate increase in KH and balancing of pH (incl. measuring spoon).Helps prevent mineral deficiency in fish (hole-in-head disease) and plants.Adds minerals to every soft water (soft tap water, source water and osmosis water) the same as they are found in the ha..
Brand: JBL Model:
Multivitamin emulsion with essential amino acidsTo specifically increase vitamin levels of frozen, live, freeze-dried and dried food of all kinds.Increases resistancy of fish and prevents deficiency symptoms.A special emulsifying process with lecithin ensures full 100 % availability of the fat-solub..
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