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Deep Space Objects

WHERE, PRECISELY, AM I? This is one of those easy-to-ask, impossible-to-answer questions. You must settle for an approximation. If you ask it while touring U. S. 80 from Plaster City, Calif., to Los Angeles, you may be content with the knowledge that you are less than a mile from Coyote Wells. But i..
Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good. On January 23, 1999, a satellite-based instrument called the Burst and Transient Source Experiment (BATSE) detected a bright flash of gamma rays coming from the constellation Boötes. For years, astronomers had caught sight of such gamma-ray bursts several..
IF YOU should be driving along a back road one moonlit night, you might encounter the following scene. About every 500 feet for a mile or so you would see someone looking through small telescope pointed at the moon. I you stopped to inquire, you would discover that the observers were timing the disa..
NOT ALL STARS SHINE AS steadily as the sun. A small percentage visibly fluctuate in brightness. But far from being mere curiosities, variable stars offer much information about themselves and the universe as a whole. Among the most useful are the so-called type I Cepheids, because they are good indi..
WHEN I LOOK UP AT the night sky, the stars appear immutable. They never seem to change or age. But when I observe the array of stars across the heavens-even with the naked eye-I can see signs that they are slowly evolving from young stellar objects toward old, dim concentrations of matter.Recently I..
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