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Saltwater Biological Additives

Brand: API (USA) Model:
Provides calcium needed for proper growth and health of corals and other reef invertebrates. Restores calcium essential for healthier, more colorful corals and reef invertebrates including snails, shrimp, crabs, clams, mollusks, as well as coralline algae. Use whenever testing shows a calcium level ..
Rs. 1,517.97
Brand: API (USA) Model:
Naturally derived from complex compounds found in sea water. Essential for proper water conditions in aquariums containing soft & hard corals. Unique, slow release formula restores iodine levels depleted by protein skimming and natural aquarium processes. Essential for proper water conditions in..
Rs. 1,035.79
Brand: API (USA) Model:
Natural source of strontium. Derived from marine plant extracts. Unique, slow release formula replaces strontium depleted by natural marine aquarium processes. Contains molybdenum and other essential elements. For a vibrant, healthy reef aquarium. Use in reef aquariums containing hard corals, corall..
Rs. 1,384.03
A natural source of trace elements. Replenishes the trace element balance in marine and reef aquariums. Contains over 60 natural trace elements found in sea water. For use in all marine aquariums, including reef aquariums containing soft and hard corals, live rock, coralline algae, crustaceans, star..
Rs. 1,517.97
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