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Is it Safe to Buy Fish Online?

Yes, purchase live items from MMH is more safe than purchase it locally because we ship only quality specimens and it takes less steps from Source to You comparing to the steps involved from Source to Local Pet Shops to You. Please read below explanation, how the live items industry operates and why its safe to purchase from MMH.

Before the inception of Make My Hobby, people unheard of possibility of online pets buying in South Asia. And now it's become routine for customers to visit MMH website daily and browse the site as they go to their local fish store from the convenience of their desktop PC or Smartphone anytime to add new species or accessories for their aquariums or pets.

It is tempting to purchase online after seeing hundreds of wide verity of species with guaranteed healthy and if you are first timer then you will have numerous questions. Like buying just by seeing photo is wise decision? How will you know that the online order fish will arrive safe?

MMH make sure that we ship only healthy fishes which are quarantined as per international trade standards before commencement of any shipping unlike your local pet store which sell whatever he receives without caring if the fish is infected with bacterial or parasitic infections which will in turn infect your aquarium's healthy fishes when you add new stock. If by look it's ok that does not mean fish is healthy....

Of the years of experience Make My Hobby developed its time tested protocols and procedures for live items shipping that is why we are so confident that we provide Live Arrival Guarantee on our most live products. You need to be aware that what fish you get in your local pet store also travelled from hundreds to literally thousands of kilometers before reaching pet store. And you will be surprised to know that the fish you just bought from local pet store or MMH left its point of origin roughly 2 months to 4 months before and it's in transit ever since which you can see in below given diagram.

Colour Coding:
Dark Red box: Fishes stressed due to travel and unhealthy water parameters and treatment requirement is must.
Light Green box: Fishes are healthy enough to keep but not for transport or stressful environment.
Dark Green box: Fishes are fully treated for any disease and properly acclimatise for new environment and stress free.