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Live Arrival Guarantee (Fishes)

Our fish go through a specialized acclimation and quarantine process that allows them to be in peak health when they are ready to be shipped to our customers. (Update 1st Jun 2009)

Live Arrival Guarantee is applicable for only customers who opted for this service and paid extra for insurance coverage. The payment mode valid for this service is NEFT / Bank Draft only. This insurance does not cover for loss or damage of consignment by transporter. (Update 1st Jun 2009)

All live purchases are double/triple bagged with oxygen and securely packed into an insulated box. Heating or cooling packs are added, if required, to ensure comfy travel. Cartons are clearly marked with handling requirements so delivery personnel can use extra care when handling. These steps are taken to protect your live order. (Update 1st Jun 2009)

Live arrival guarantee is strictly limited to “Live upon Arrival” No Guarantee’s either expressed or implied are made after the animals are in your Aquarium. Deaths that occur within several days after shipping are not covered by our Live Arrival Guarantee. (Update 1st Jun 2009)

Refusal of delivery for any reason voids any and all claims by the purchaser. If a delivery is refused for any reason, including not being present to accept delivery, or refusing a delivery that arrives late, the customer will be liable for the full cost of the invoice, including return freight charges if applicable. (Update 1st Jun 2009)

Acclimation is very different for items shipped overnight (in a bag for 12-24 hours), versus items picked up at your local aquarium store. Many fish, invertebrates and corals after a long time in a package will appear to be lifeless until after a correct acclimation is completed. Incorrect acclimation can actually kill healthy specimens or weaken them to a point where they will perish within 24 hours of going into there new home because of inadequate acclimation. Therefore we must insist that all customers follow the Proper Acclimation Procedures even if an item is not displaying any signs of life. (Update 1st Jun 2009)

Our shipping and acclimation procedures have been established to give our live products the best chance for survival. If you follow proper acclimation procedures and experience a loss, Make My Hobby will replace all specimens that are not listed on our Advanced Aquarist List on their next live fishes shipment (shipping charges are not covered) or issue you 50% store credit on Make My Hobby discretion. (Update 1st Jun 2009)

Our Guarantee begins when your order is shipped and expires after 1 hour of live specimens carrier transportation arrive at its destination. Losses that appear to have died from trauma or bad water conditions will not be covered. Losses during this period must be reported via email along with a digital photo of the specimen as evidence of the loss. Please take a few clear pictures of the DOA fish in the unopened bag full visible and email them to Make My Hobby, within 3 hours. To prove the death should be guaranteed, the email and photo must be sent within the 3 hour period. If the email is not sent during this period, there will be no guarantee. Any package not picked from transporter delivery hub for any reason within 1 hours, voids the guarantee. (Update 1st Jun 2009)

If a water sample or dead specimen is requested, a water sample or dead specimen must be mailed within 24 hours. The postmark will be checked. If the water sample is not sent right out, the DOA will not be guaranteed. Once water for testing has been received and an email picture has been received, a note under your name will be logged that we owe you the replacement specimen on your next order or store credit as decided by Make My Hobby. If your water tests within guidelines the guarantee will be honored. If the water tests outside of acceptable guidelines listed above, you will be contacted via email that the water quality attributed to the specimens death, and we will be unable to honor the guarantee. (Update 1st Jun 2009)

Our Guarantee only applies to the original shipment, there is no guarantee on any replacement item or store credits issued or on special offer like Buy 1 Get 1 Free or Buy 2 Get 1 Free and similar free or discounter offers. If the replacement item dies, there is no further guarantee. All other terms as given in Terms & Conditions are valid for any order apart from terms given here for Live Arrival Guarantee. Our guarantee does not cover the cost of shipping or applicable packing charge. (Update 1st Jun 2009)

~ Valid from 1st June 2009