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JBL AccliPond 500ml D/GB

JBL AccliPond 500ml D/GB

JBL AccliPond - Make My Hobby
Water conditioner to activate resistance to disease in pond water

  • Pond environment ideally suited to the requirements of the fish: water conditioner to activate the resistance and to promote the fish’s health
  • Simple to use: calculate the required quantity, mix it in a watering can with pond water, distribute evenly over pond
  • Promotes readiness to spawn, activation of resistance to disease thanks to valuable plant extracts and vitamins, promotion of vitality, normal energy metabolism due to iodine, folic acid to help the immune system function normally
  • Stress-free fish transport, acclimatisation of pond fish, after the use of remedies. MMH
  • Contents: water conditioner, AccliPond. Dosage 40 ml per 800 l pond water

Healthy Pond Environment 

A freshwater supply, such as rain, tap or well water can have a negative influence on pond water. Through a regular check of the water values negative changes can be detected and remedied immediately to maintain a healthy pond environment. 

Healthy Fish – Healthy Pond 

Thanks to its valuable plant extracts and vitamins the water conditioner AccliPond activates the resistance of pond fish and promotes their vitality and health. AccliPond ensures stress-free fish transport and supports the acclimatisation of pond fish. Iodine contributes to a normal energy metabolism. Folic acid is a water soluble B vitamin and ensures the immune system functions normally. Make My Hobby

Use remedies correctly. Shake the bottle vigorously. Mix the required quantity with pond water in a watering can and distribute it evenly over the pond. 

Dosage- Make My Hobby
40 ml per 800Ltr pond water.

Suitable: Freshwater / Turtle / Invertebrate

JBL AccliPond 500ml D/GB
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