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BOYU BY-28 Instant Siphon Gravel Cleaner

Budget-friendly aquarium water changer and gravel cleanerStreamline routine aquarium water changes a..

380.95 Ex Tax: 380.95

JBL Aqua In-Out Complete-Set

Self-priming and refills automatically – all-in-one setA water jet creates suction which draws the w..

3,822.44 Ex Tax: 3,822.44

JBL AquaEx Set 45-70

Gravel cleaner for 45-70 cm water levelCleaning claw for variable adjustment of suction strength.Rou..

1,379.18 Ex Tax: 1,379.18

Use to measure pH changes in marine aquariums, aquariums with African cichlids, and very alkaline ..
Ex Tax: 645.68
For the professional aquarist and for in-store testing of tap water and aquarium water. Sturdy, wate..
Ex Tax: 7,694.39
FRESHWATER MASTER TEST KITMeasures the most important aquarium levels quickly and accuratelyBenefits..
Ex Tax: 2,841.01
GH & KH TEST KITThis test kit includes everything you need to measure the general and carbonate ..
Ex Tax: 903.96
The JBL EasyTest 5 in 1 allows any fishkeeper the opportunity to test aquarium or pond water  q..
Ex Tax: 986.46
concainer bag for coarse filter materialEnables an easier removal of the filter material from the fi..
Ex Tax: 258.28
Ready-to-use long-term nutrient substrate mixture for new aquariumsDoes not require mixing with grav..
Ex Tax: 710.25
All natural premium planting media for aquarium plantsBenefits:    Made of 100% pure ..
Ex Tax: 1,278.45
The best plant base to create a total natural fertilized planted environment throughout. a breakthro..
Ex Tax: 413.24
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